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Recipe for a GOOD Day

© Kaylind Olson

17 April, 2016

After having had a great time at a community event in Oklahoma City, my granddaughter, Emery, and I had lunch at the Red Cup on Northwest Classen.  Together, we reflected on what we had done, and SHARED a story to relate to what had happened today. But, as usual, I came away from today’s experience realizing just how BLESSED, in TRUTH, I Am.

Emery and I walked in and ordered a delicious avocado and cucumber, sandwich on a bagel covered with sesame seeds, and filled with cream cheese and herbs, to SHARE with broccoli as the side dish. With her tall glass of water and my cup of medium roast coffee and our meal before us, we began to talk about our experience TODAY. We SHARED what we had found most FUN and enJOYable, amidst looking at the interesting art on the walls. Noticing a bird of paradise, I pointed it out to Emery, as I asked, if she knew what the word “paradise” meant.  She said she remembered hearing the word “paradise.” I went on to expound and demonstrate the meaning. Having been to Hawaii, I knew that she, too, could relate, to the idea of “paradise” as being on the beach surrounded by palm trees, near the ocean. I also knew that Emery had learned about Thailand, and because of this, she had named her fish that recently moved on to a greater fish bowl in the sky, “Thailand.” So we were able to identify the feeling of “paradise.” I began to talk about the ability to see “paradise” as we see the GOOD around us and use POSITIVE thought to become more aware of that GOOD.

As we talked about the deliciousness of the sandwich we were eating, and the ingredients inside, I reflected on the ingredients we had been given in this day, and how each ingredient with our POSITIVE thought, built on the next, allows us to see the GOODNESS. Then, I SHARED an experience I recently had in my walk, where I had asked God to be able to capture a picture of the cardinal that day, in my front yard, thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice, if the cardinal were on my front doorstep or in the tree right here in the front yard?”.   I took along my digital camera, as well as my iPhone, BELIEVING I would capture a picture of the cardinal. But, as the little dog, Bo, and I were walking, I saw the most BEAUTIFUL blue bird I had ever seen, and not only one, but two! I was able to capture their picture and see the most BEAUTIFUL shade of blue velvet on their wings as they flew before me! I gave thanks for this OPPORTUNITY, realizing it was a BLESSING! But, as I returned home, to the front yard, I could hear the quiet chirping of the cardinal. I looked above, and not ten feet away from me was the female cardinal! She quickly flew away, and in the place where she was, as I looked back at the tree, was a bright red, male cardinal! I was able to capture this picture a few times before the cardinal followed the female over the roof of the house and into another tree.

I asked Emery if she understood the message here. She said, “Yes. God always gives us even more than we ask.” She then went on to SHARE her story in this same revelation. Emery said, “Grammy, the other day, I woke up before school, and I said, “I am gonna have a GOOD day, TODAY. I went to school and played with my friend and we had the BEST day. We never argued and everything about that day was the BEST day.”

And here I am, as I write this, in tears of reverent JOY, realizing the BLESSING, I am RECEIVING as I am SHARING the BEAUTY in the walk.   What are YOU DISCOVERING TODAY, that CREATES the “Recipe for a GOOD Day,” where YOU ARE in YOUR WALK?


My Walk

10 April, 2016

© Kaylind Olson

Having been BLESSED with GOOD HEALTH, and developing ways to maintain it, I begin my day with the morning walk, and the little dog, Bo.   With an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, during my WALK today, I was giving thanks WHILE realizing just how BLESSED I truly am BY SHARING my message DIRECLTY WITH YOU.  It is a message of GRATITUDE, a message of TRUST, a message of INTERNAL POWER, and a message of SELF-LOVE, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT.

Each step that I take on my walk every morning is a way to FOCUS on GRATITUDE, as I truly see all the GOOD in my life.  I have reached a point in my life where I am able to see the BLESSING and the OPPORTUNITY to LEARN, in the walk, we call this life.  I have learned much.

Had I not been able to see this day as a BLESSING, and be truly GRATEFUL, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, I might have feared that single rain drop, if I had been remembering walking through the flood last year that changed my life entirely in JUST ONE DAY.  Yet, I AM GIVING THANKS.  Everything that I went through last year, with a HIGHER POWER, the GREAT “I AM,” within, beside, and all around me, has allowed me to see the BLESSINGS, as I AM able to understand that I am strong.  There is an inner strength, and inner understanding, which I know as FAITH, that is HELPING ME know I am on the RIGHT PATH in my life’s JOurneY.

Each step that I take in my life’s JOurneY, I am TRUSTING that ALL things are working together for GOOD.  I CHOOSE to see the POSITIVE.  TRUSTING has allowed me to clear the clutter, let in even more GOOD, and believe wholly and completely that I am becoming the BEST VERSION OF ME – WHO I AM!  I am becoming one who truly wants to be a LIGHT in this world.  Do I make mistakes?  Yes.  But, I TRUST and know that everything that I have been through, and everything I am learning right now, even when it may seem there is turbulence in the perimeters, has allowed me to learn.   My attitude and belief in myself, allows me to know which CHOICE is right for me, as I am listening to my inner voice, which leads me as I ask, seek, and knock.


As I keep my mind on the PRECIOUS PRESENT, I am being who I AM.  God is, so I AM!  I have the power to believe in myself and the abilities with which I am BLESSED.  I have the FREEDOM to express who I am right now.  I have the FREEDOM to SHARE this message right now.  And there is GREAT JOY in that!  So, each day as I am “stepping out,” I am becoming that fuller, courageous, more expansive, spirt-filled person.  That person that knows mistakes in the past do not define me today.  That person that knows those “mistakes” were not really mistakes, because without them I would not be where I am in this JOurneY TODAY!  I AM becoming SOMEONE who realizes we are ALL in this JOurneY together!

I encourage YOU, TODAY, to be GRATEFUL.  Find what it is for which YOU are GRATEFUL.  Write it down.  Meditate on it.  Give thanks for it.  Say it out loud.  A lot.  All day.


LISTEN for that INNER VOICE that comes quickly as YOU ask and seek.

LISTEN for that INNER VOICE that lets YOU know the next right step for YOU to make as YOU knock.

LISTEN for that INNER VOICE that says, “Yes! Go for it!”

And finally, after LISTENING and SHARING who we TRULY are, the GIFT we are becoming, in ALL that we have been given, and ALL that we are learning, is a POWERFUL THING!   It is a PRECIOUS PRESENT, within the PRECIOUS PRESENT.  I call this, the MIRACLE WITHIN YOU!  I have been BLESSED to UNDERSTAND that it is “NO SMALL STUFF!”

What message or GIFT, do YOU have to SHARE TODAY?  YOU are the only one who can SHARE it!  Who is it that YOU aspire to BECOME?  In my MISSION, at this point in my life, I ENVISION HELPING YOU to do JUST THAT!  Do YOU have a DESIRE to write YOUR first book?  Having written nine books in the last two years, and founding my own publishing company, I have the inside secrets for getting it started and finished with a direct and simple process!  Perhaps you would like to WRITE or SING YOUR first SONG! Having written over 300 songs, with eight songs recorded and officially copyrighted, I can use my experience to guide YOU through a maze of different choices!  Do YOU have a DESIRE to find what it is YOU LOVE, or enJOY doing?  I can help YOU find a NEW PATH and FACILITATE it!  Do YOU have a desire to begin to make POSITIVE change in YOUR LIFE?  With SOMETHING as SIMPLE as a BRIEF DAILY EXERCISE PROGRAM to begin the process of CLEARING YOUR MIND and CREATING a VACUUM for FRESH NEW IDEAS to ROLL IN, I will ENCOURAGE and ENABLE YOU to “Step out” in YOUR WALK, IN YOUR OWN WAY, on YOUR OWN SCHEDULE! 

Let’s DEVELOP a DIALOGUE!  I would LOVE to hear from YOU!

If YOU feel led to CORRESPOND with me, and receive a FREE COACHING SESSION, PLEASE go here NOW!

After you have “Subscribed” to learn more about the “Team Grandma –CREATING THE LEGACY,” coaching program, I will send an e-mail from

Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an e-mail from me soon!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!



Kaylind Olson



© Kaylind Olson

30 March, 2016


Care to join me in the GRATITUDE WALK?

You might be asking, “What is a GRATITUDE WALK, anyway?”

Part of the continual development of good mental and physical health, a GRATITUDE WALK is a physical walk whereby YOU FOCUS on NATURE, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, its sounds and sights, and messages YOU RECEIVE, for that which YOU are GRATEFUL during the walk.

YOU can carry your phone and list things YOU see in Nature for which YOU ARE GRATEFUL by using an APP (application), or YOU can carry a small notepad and a pencil.  I use an APP called “Notes” on my iPhone.  YOU can find a note taking APP by searching the APP STORE icon on an iPhone.  Many of these note-taking APPS are FREE.  If YOU have questions about how to operate phones and find APPS, I can help!

I have CHOSEN to walk at 7:00 a.m. each day, and post what I observe in my walk at about 10:00 a.m. CST. Again, Posting is a simple process with which I would be happy to help!

I invite YOU to JOIN me!

CHOOSING a CONSISTENT TIME first thing in the morning is great, because not only will we be participating and expanding POSITIVE thought and GRATITUDE TOGETHER, but an early morning walk sets the stage for an even better day!

There are many rewards in walking each day, not only in thought, but with HEALTH and FOCUS.  I have done much reading, and discovered that a TWO-MILE WALK helps create and promote a HEALTHY HEART!   Research also supports walking to lower cancer risks and diabetes risks.  A walk each day also clears the clutter from our minds and gets oxygen to our brains.  And, not only does a walk help our joints to move more freely as we age, but it also creates endorphins (a natural “feel good” chemical in our bodies) which help us feel even better!  I am walking as a follow up to my cancer surgery for my own benefit, and I am setting an example for my GRANDCHILDREN to follow in the future!

When walking outside early in the morning, there are items you will need.  First of all, you will need appropriate walking shoes.  Assess the temperature and weather where you are walking, and dress in layers according to the temperature.  It is better to dress in several layers when it is cold outside. YOU may also consider gloves.  I have a pair of gloves that I wear so that I can continue to write using my APP on my iPhone and they work quite well.  You may CHOOSE to wear a cap to prevent sunburn, wear sunscreen, and take along a bottle of water, which I carry in a bag over my shoulder.   When I have the little dog, Bo, with me, I have a few places in his puppy pouch to take along the things I need for the walk!



*Before YOU BEGIN, it is always suggested that YOU get a doctor’s advice for YOUR specific health situation.  YOUR WALK may require YOU to walk in smaller segments during the day, a block at a time, and build up to two miles.

Where will YOU WALK?  Is there a walking track near YOU?  If YOU know YOUR neighborhood well, and feel it is safe, YOU could BEGIN here.  Check out YOUR OPTIONS and do what works for YOU.  The important thing is to BEGIN MOVING.

To officially BEGIN a GRATITUDE WALK, start on the very first day by writing one thing for which YOU are GRATEFUL and expanding on its POSITIVE qualities.  For example, “I am GRATEFUL for this BEAUTIFUL day!”  For what are YOU GRATEFUL in this BEAUTIFUL DAY?  Or, what makes this day BEAUTIFUL to YOU?  My example would be, “I am APPRECIATING the cardinal and the different sounds it makes. I LOVE its vibrant tone, its red color and the contrast it creates in the blue sky!  I LOVE the texture in its wings and the way it softens its surroundings.  I LOVE the freedom I feel as its spreads its wings.”  Sometimes, it may happen that the walk helps YOU experience GRATITUDE in other areas or topics as YOU APPRECIATE the feeling of FREEDOM and BEAUTY.  Whatever comes up for YOU is right for YOU!

JOIN me, and YOU will discover even more in YOUR GRATITUDE WALK each day!  The walk will not only become a BEAUTIFUL beginning for each BRAND NEW DAY, as well as an important part of life, but it will also CREATE a MEMOIR for YOUR GRANDCHILDREN to follow on YOUR JOURNEYS!

Let’s GET STARTED by CHECKING IN each morning at 10:00 a.m. CST on the Facebook page and RESPONDING!  I would LOVE to hear what YOU are seeing in YOUR WALK!

Then, on Sunday mornings, we can CHECK IN TOGETHER to see what CHANGES we notice in ATTITUDE, or what DISCOVERIES and GOOD NEWS we are SEEING and SHARING!



*If YOU cannot physically participate in the GRATITUDE WALK, YOUR thoughts are APPRECIATED, about a trip YOU took in the past, as YOU remember it now!  Do what YOU CAN right where YOU ARE! Put together the GRATITUDE WALK as if YOU were experiencing it again, exactly the same way!  YOU can FOCUS on GRATITUDE right where YOU ARE!

I LOOK FORWARD to hearing YOUR RESPONSE at 10:00 a.m. at with YOUR thoughts about the WALK each day.




 Top Ten Benefits of Walking Two Miles a Day

23 March, 2016

Kaylind Olson

Taking a two-mile morning walk, helps clear my thoughts, increases my sense of well-being, creates flexibility in physical motion, and provides healthy lifestyle benefits.  *As I FOCUS on GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION, I also enJOY breathing in fresh air in nature, while I notice the BEAUTY all around me.  

Before YOU begin to walk, it is wise to check with your doctor.  If two miles of walking a day seems too much in the beginning, try breaking it up into smaller amounts.  Begin with five to ten minutes, or even twenty minutes, gradually building up to even forty minutes a day!

You may want to track your progress.  It is always encouraging to see how far you have come in the JOurneY!   CELEBRATE each added step!  You can track or record how far you walk each day in a notebook, or I use an app for my phone called Pacer, available at the APP store on my iPhone.  I have shared this information before on the Facebook page.

Remember to have supplies you need for walking.  The first thing you need is a good pair of walking shoes!  Take along water, a cap, and sunscreen to protect exposed skin.  Dress according to the weather, dressing in layers, even wearing gloves if needed, on those chilly days, and socks for your feet!  Dressing in layers also allows you to remove items if you become warm.  If you would like a special water bottle to take along with you, I invite you to search the Grandmas Universe Shop right here for original designs!

When I first began walking for a health regimen, quite a few years ago, I walked indoors on an elliptical trainer (a piece of equipment somewhat like a treadmill, but easier on the knees).   I began with five-minute segments throughout the day.  I was able to work my way up to walking two miles in one session within two weeks.  And even late last year, after surgery to remove carcinoma, I began with a shorter walk as I was healing.

As I have always found it hard to find that pace between a brisk walk and a sprint, I love knowing that walking provides the same healthy benefits as running!

According to research:

  1. A simple two-mile walk each day, can decrease the risk of heart attack by 40 percent.
  2. Walking and putting your body weight to use as exercise can help control the risk of osteoporosis or loss of bone density, which is associated with aging.
  3. Maintenance of a physical activity schedule can help control and reverse diabetes.
  4. Walking every day can help permanently change your metabolic function help you maintain a healthy weight.
  5. Walking has been shown to reduce cancer risk.  Walking at least 2 miles a day showed a reduction in dying from cancer by 60 percent when compared to those who walked one mile.
  6. Immune function and your natural defense systems may be boosted considerably with normal exercise.
  7. Walking can reduce your stress and improve your mood.  It also is linked to increasing self-confidence and empowerment.
  8. Walking has been proven to improve cognitive or brain function in women.
  9. Walking is associated with lowering blood pressure.
  10. Walking helps you sleep better.
To summarize, according to research, the Ten Benefits of Walking Two Miles a Day include:
  • Better health for your heart and circulatory system
  • Reduction of risk of osteoporosis as we age
  • Maintaining, regulating, and controlling diabetes
  • Managing or balancing weight
  • Lowers risk of cancer
  • Boost to immunity
  • Increases overall emotional well-being
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps us sleep better
*At the top of MY list for Benefits in Walking, is developing an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE! 
Stay tuned for more thoughts about the walk in next week’s blog!

“Top-Ten Benefits of Walking Two Miles a Day” was written using information from the following sources.

How to Make Walking Every Day Your Top Priority by Brett Simpson

What are the Benefits of Walking 40 Minutes a Day? by Judy Wilson

 Walking Helps Lower Blood Pressure by Charlene Laino



A Good Name

26 February 2016

© Kaylind Olson

With the birth of the new grandson, Bennet (Ben), I have been thinking quite a lot about the value of a good name lately; not only my grandson’s name, but my name, and my grandmothers’ names.

I have heard somewhere that babies choose their name before they are born and communicate this thought to their parents.  I am thinking some parents, including mine, may not have listened so well!

Before I was born, I am sure I whispered my name to Mom and Dad correctly.  However, something got a little messed up in the translation in sound.  They were probably listening to country music, and I was whispering my name between the phrases and spaces!  I know for a fact that I said, “Kaylind,” when I whispered my name.

When I began my education in a little country school in Kansas, where I was taught proper phonetics, and discovered the short sound of the vowel “i,” I was totally alarmed to discover that everyone in my family was mispronouncing my name! My brother and sister were easy enough to retrain in the pronunciation because they had not been around as long as I had, but why on earth did Mom, Dad, and both Grandmas say, “Kaylund” instead of “Kaylind?”  I was constantly feeling that I had to correct people when they pronounced my name, especially in the country family I grew up in, and I felt I deserved to have my name pronounced correctly!

Yet, at about ten years of age, after five years of constantly having my name mispronounced, I decided to shorten my name and make it easy on myself.  And besides, “Kay” seemed to fit at the time!  I was short in stature and “Kay” was a short name!

When I draw the analogy of shortening my name, I visualize Grandma calling Grandpa (Hubert) to dinner and supper! It wouldn’t have sounded as sweet if she had hollered out the opened door, “Hubert!”  She hollered, in a Minnie Pearl “Howdy” way to call, “Huuuuuu beee!” So, at the age of ten, I became simply “Kay.”  It made life easier.

Both of my grandmothers were called “Grandma” and to call them by their names, Grandma Marie (she went by her middle name which may be the source of my genetic name whispering default) or Grandma Myrtle, would have seemed strange to me, so I called them my Texas Grandma and my Kansas Grandma. Go figure.  Just what every Grandma wants to be called, right?  These distinguished titles never seemed to bother them in any way whatsoever!

Just recently, I have again decided I really LOVE my name. It serves me well, it is the name I originally chose, and is very unique, just like me!

By the way, don’t tell Mom and Dad, but I believe they may have been listening to the country music too loudly when I whispered my middle name, too!

Oh well.   I LOVE this life!

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver or gold.” Proverbs 22:1

When looking at baby name books, I found these two on Amazon which you may want to purchase for your children or first-time parents listening for the perfect name!

Baby Names: The Easy Way to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Baby by Heather Kennedy (on kindle)

and     100,000+ Baby Names by Bruce Lansky





Table Setting

08 February, 2016

© Kaylind Olson

I have been noticing lately that I am taking pictures which include an open table, a table that invites others, a picnic table.  Thoughts come to mind of “laying all your cards on the table,” talking ’round the table, lunches and dinners at the table, creating and designing at the table, even singing around the table. In my youth, I remember meal times at the table.  While it may have been appropriate etiquette for other families to be silent at the table, my experience was opposite.  Time at the table included not only nourishment, (usually trying to beat my older brother to the main course in a family with five children, which became a joke for years to come), but also enrichment!  We talked, told the latest news, even made up our own jokes at the table!

The table was used as a foundation for creating and designing new things.  Many times, we, as children would come together and make crafts for holidays, come together with a plan for a new jewelry box, or craft item, and even put a puzzle together over a holiday break. The table was used time and again for playing games together!  Board games and card games were a highlight of family life after the dishes were done, usually with a helper.  One washed, while the other dried.  We were able to entertain ourselves by spending time together at the table.

My vision of the table began with Grandma.  When eating lunch or dinner, which always included a favorite treat, she always made me feel like a designated guest.  Grandma’s little black and white border collie, who camped out under the table, was also a special recipient of Grandma’s meals, when I became a guest at Grandma’s table.

Not only was the table used for dining, but as I grew older, Grandma would pull out her favorite recipes to share while we sat at the table.  She would tell about when she made this or that recipe, whom she shared it with, why she made it, as well as the results, which most usually became a story at the table.

Many special memories for me revolve around the table.  As a child and teen, I would sing around the table with my grandma, mom, and my sister.  We would sing all the “oldies,” the gospel songs, Grandma’s favorites by Hank Williams, funny Mitch Miller songs that made us laugh, songs that brought depth of feeling, many, many songs by Elvis Presley, which seemed to transcend the generations, but mostly songs that taught us to listen for the harmony, to value the combination of each unique person, each unique voice, and to learn to enJOY together, what each had to bring to the table.

What are YOU BRINGING to the table TODAY?



© Kaylind Olson

27 January, 2016

As I look at my world TODAY, I am GRATEFUL for ABUNDANCE!  Beginning my day in a POSITIVE way, realizing what is on the inside mirrors outward, really sets the stage for a wonderfully expressive, open, ABUNDANT day!  When I FOCUS on CREATING and allowing BEAUTIFUL messages to flow, I am so BLESSED and ABUNDANT!

Thoughts of ABUNDANCE create my world, as I envision ALL that is POSSIBLE and the BLESSING in receiving!  As the wonder of BEAUTY, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, speaks to me, I remain evident of its POWER throughout the day’s tasks!  As I remember the feeling of a BEAUTIFUL walk, the limitless capacity in the fullness of the sun, the ability to BE and know that ALL is well in the balance of nature, and the POWER of pure potential, I know ABUNDANCE!

ABUNDANCE comes in ALL forms in different ways each day as we are open to receiving the messages.  The willingness to see A BEAUTIFUL day in the PRECIOUS PRESENT in nature is evidence of ABUNDANCE!  A giving HEART that shares a message of BEAUTY is ABUNDANCE!  A HEART that is open to knowing what is right in the moment, is ABUNDANCE!  When we CHOOSE to live in GRATITUDE, we CHOOSE ABUNDANCE!  ABUNDANCE is BECOMING!  ABUNDANCE is BEAUTIFUL!  ABUNDANCE is the essence of LOVE and in the eye of the beholder!  ABUNDANCE is NOW as we FOCUS on the POSITIVE!




(c) Kaylind Olson

18 January, 2016

I am a person that carries the BANNER of POSITIVE POSSIBILITY!  It shines.  When I FOCUS on the POSITIVE, I find it.

I find that when I greet a person with a smile, give a kind word, or a deed, I feel JOY in knowing I have opened the POSITIVE POSSIBILITY door!

GRANDMOTHERS, I am offering this CHALLENGE.  Spread a POSITIVE smile, a POSITIVE word, a POSITIVE deed.  We simply must wear this POSITIVE POSSIBILITY BANNER on our hearts right now, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT!   POSITIVE thought grows!

With GRANDMOTHERS focusing on the POSITIVE, can you imagine the CHANGE, first and foremost, BEING in OUR lives, then, OUR CHILDREN’s lives, and OUR GRANDCHILDREN’s lives?  I challenge you to wear the BANNER of POSITIVE POSSIBILITY!  See the POSITIVE in YOU!

Write it down!  Say it!  SMILE about it!

I am encouraging YOU to focus on the POSITIVE:).  Wave it like a flag!  Wear it like a pin!  Show it to your GRANDCHILDREN!  Show it to your CHILDREN!  Allow them to see LOVE that flows and grows in POSITIVE POSSIBILITY while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, right now!

What POSITIVE POSSIBILITY CHANGES are YOU making TODAY?  I am looking forward to hearing about them!



Blessings Received In 2015

Kaylind Olson

© 31 December 2015

The year of 2015 has given me BLESSINGS as OPPORTUNITIES to LEARN and OPPORTUNITIES to LISTEN!

Among the Blessings received are three some might consider as CHALLENGES. 

Through them I have LEARNED RESILIENCE!

    In March of 2015, I developed complications after surgery which taught me to listen to my INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM.  I have learned to pay attention to what my body needs, because to truly be of service to others, we must take care of ourselves.  I learned that I could apply the time off in short increments to continue creating the support material, music and books for Grandmas Universe, which was another blessing.

     In May, my home in Oklahoma was flooded during a series of hail storms and tornadoes.  While most would not look upon it as a BLESSING, this helped me make the decision to move forward with the plan for Grandmas Universe.  I also discovered even more of what I have always known to be true:  Home really is where the heart is.

     Having LEARNED to LISTEN to the SIGNALS my BODY was giving me, in September, I went to a dermatologist to see about a spot on my left arm.  I thought I might simply need some sort of cream for a rash.  It was diagnosed as carcinoma, a form of skin cancer.  While there, I told the dermatologist of another place on my head that was tender.  It was carcinoma, as well.  Surgery was conducted to remove the carcinoma from my head, which was quite extensive.  It has been three months and I am still in the healing process. 

     In this LEARNING PROCESS, the BLESSINGS I have RECEIVED from this involve: 


     SELF FORGIVENESS: forgiving myself for not listening to my body earlier

     PATIENCE: realizing that EVERYTHING HAPPENS according to a PLAN and a PURPOSE

     I have become even more HEALTHY through a daily walk in nature, which is reflected in the “Doggie Walkin’ ” videos I share which contain POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS and messages about the DAILY WALK we EACH MUST TAKE as we CHOOSE to LEAD our own LIVES according to our own STANDARDS and PRINCIPLES.  You can see the videos about the JOurneY here –> 

     In GRATITUDE, during this year I have learned to be GRATEFUL for the ADVERSITY that has helped me to recognize ALL of WHO I AM, and WHAT I AM BECOMING!  I am GRATEFUL to friends and family members who have been here to support me this year and provide SUPPORT SERVICES in a VARIETY of WAYS to me personally, and to the VISION, MISSION, PHILOSOPHY and SYSTEMS of  I am GRATEFUL for the time I have had to heal, for your messages of support, and truly for the FOUNDATION of FAITH which supports my own STANDARDS and PRINCIPLES and the OPPORTUNITY to continue to grow GrandmasUniverse in 2016!

    May 2016 be filled with many BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS for YOU and YOUR FAMILY:).


Kaylind Olson



© Kaylind Olson

16 December, 2015

As I sit here this morning, I am astounded as I realize that the CHOICES I have made as I have traveled my path in this JOurneY called life, have created this place where I am TODAY. I am LOVING life! As I choose to focus on POSITIVE thought and create this place of FREEDOM, I have the choice to breathe freely now, as I set boundaries for myself on this path. I realize in my heart, I must travel fully knowing that the unique path I choose is leading me to a higher plane, a higher table, the realization that I am just as I am because I am!  I feel such JOY and PEACE in this that I giggle and release heart-felt tears!

However, this realization has taken years, as I have learned not to let my light be hidden, not to fear jealousy of someone, or the chance that I might not be loved. See, I was afraid to shine.  I was afraid to “Go for it!”  I was afraid to show the world who I am and that “I can do anything!”   All of these gifts, and YOU have them, too, were given to be used to give GLORY and CELEBRATE this life, to bring JOY to others, to inspire, and help others see the POSSIBILITIES available for ALL of us!

Just five years ago, if someone had told me I would be where I am TODAY, creating what I LOVE,, a company that brings generations together for time to FOCUS and CELEBRATE with the POSITIVE intent of enJOYing, discovering and understanding just how bright we really are, I would have questioned. Even in the past, I always saw myself as a “Survivor” knowing that I had what I needed within to succeed.  I have always felt and known God as my creator even from an early age.  I have always known the serenity and PEACE in my heart that comes from knowing with FAITH, as I walk the field with Him, things are always working together for my good.  Throughout my life, that surprise check in the mail, that offer from a friend, and even that special glass jar replacement for a classroom, found at exactly the right time and exactly the right place, have been answers to my asking.  Even recently, the time I have been given for healing as I rest, and the walk that allows me to develop more fully as I rejuvenate, have been answers to prayer and steps that lead to success, at just the right time and place on my JOurneY!

I realize that as I ask, I receive. Every step I am taking, directs to the lofty goals I have for this life, and as I see these goals take formation, they become solid components for all the inner workings that are reflected on my outer world. And I can say, TODAY, it is a wonderful world, as I realize that through LOVING myself for who I am, with infinite POSSIBILITIES, I am setting an example for others to learn to shine more freely!  As I learn and continue to reach the desires of my heart, I FOCUS on being the change I want to see.  How much more beautiful can life be?



10 December, 2015

© Kaylind Olson


As a child, I had the opportunity to SHARE time with both my maternal and paternal grandmothers. I am GRATEFUL for the shining moments spent with them, which are vibrant in my mind.  These moments have become a huge part of my life and the way I CHOOSE to live this life!

My maternal GRANDMOTHER LOVED to sing! There were other things she loved, like her Monday night boxing and her BINGO, but her sheer JOY of singing showed through her laughing blue eyes and went straight to my heart!  JOY, attached to this memory, kept the singing and happy songs alive in my mind!   

My paternal GRANDMOTHER LOVED to bake.  She baked pies, cakes, and breads, and SHARED her creations and her love of baking with her GRANDCHILDREN.  I am a benefactor!  The memory of the day my Grandmother and I baked THAT pie that went sliding across the floor as she removed it from the oven, is one of the most hilarious moments I have EVER experienced!  The sheer JOY in her funny laugh and the look on her face as she followed THAT pie across the floor remain with me TODAY!

We, as GRANDMOTHERS, have it within us to create OPPORTUNITY for shining moments with our GRANDCHILDREN! As we FOCUS, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, with intent on creating an OPPORTUNITY to SHARE an experience,  a special memory unfolds!

What shining moment are YOU CREATING with YOUR GRANDCHILD TODAY?



© Kaylind Olson

02 December, 2015

Many times in the J-O-u-r-n-e-Y of life, a GIFT may come in disguise, or as a CHALLENGE to provide an OPPORTUNITY to grow as we learn to see the GOOD in everything!  CHOICES I have made that I knew in my heart I had to make that seemed to be the hardest at the time and for my best interest, have moved me along the path and direction I have known is best for me.  As I look back, I realize that I would not be the person I have become TODAY, if it had not been for the CHALLENGE.  As I am TRUE to myself and what I feel is my calling in life, to connect with POSSIBILITY, I also realize the overflowing LOVE and unlimited OPPORTUNITIES I now have to express this understanding.

I have learned that people or situations come into our lives as teachers, either to help us learn what we desire and lead us closer to our right direction, or to help us discover for ourselves what it is we do not want, which still leads us in our right direction!   Even the people or situations who may “ruffle our feathers” at times are really helping us, when we so CHOOSE, to accentuate the POSITIVE, and to see the GOOD and APPRECIATE ALL that is GOOD.  I have learned that as I ask for the POSITIVE message, I receive it. As I seek for the GOOD, I find it.  And as I knock on the door of OPPORTUNITY and take action either in thought, word, or deed, I am CHOOSING to see the GOOD.


“Ring TRUE!” Through and Through

© Kaylind Olson

18 November 2015

     Have you ever loved a CHILD or GRANDCHILD, so much that YOU FEEL COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE allowing either of you to be ENTIRELY AUTHENTIC? Enveloped in LOVE, YOU BOTH feel ENTIRELY SAFE with you BOTH BEING WHO YOU ARE, and having FEELINGS “RING TRUE,” through and through?
     My most recent children’s book, “RING TRUE,” was conceived with this idea as the FOCUS.
     “Ring TRUE!” is AVAILABLE in Paperback version –>NOW <– at and will be available in three to five days at Amazon!


Veterans Day Memories 2015

© Kaylind Olson

          As a woman who LOVES LIFE, on this Veteran’s Day, I am reminded once again of my Step-Dad.

       With admiration and respect, I wrote the song, “Mountain Of A Man in honor of his life with LOVE – out of LOVE, in LOVE, and all about LOVE!  I have known, and I do know all about these things. I can proudly say, I am a woman who LOVES LIFE!

My Step-Dad was buried on his Mother-In-Law’s birthday – that of my maternal GRANDMOTHER.

    I can ONLY IMAGINE there must have been a great reunion in Heaven!

When I think that my Step-Dad, who some might call an average, common man, is now in heaven with a huge smile beaming from his face, I picture him celebrating with his mom and dad, and the angel choir!

     I am HUMBLED as I am reminded on this Veteran’s Day of the military service he provided and his WILLINGNESS to GIVE HIS LIFE for THAT in WHICH HE BELIEVED SO DEEPLY as a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT!

I marvel as well knowing that my son-in-law, who served in the Armed Forces during the conflict in Iraq, left to serve overseas while my daughter was expecting my first granddaughter, Madison. I wore a locket around my neck to remember him each day as he served overseas until he returned alive and well, and unlike so many others, whole and complete.

    When seeing the American flag on display and leading the way in a parade, my heart is BLESSED! When hearing TAPS play, I am reverent and reminded of the tenderness, the sanctity, and the beauty of life.

     With the UTMOST GRATITUDE, REMEMBRANCE and profound LOVE, I wrote “Mountain Of A Man to also pay tribute to family members and to the many people who have given their lives in service to our country, those who have served admirably, and those who are serving this great country, TODAY!

I LOVE this life!


This is the Day!

03 November, 2015

Kaylind Olson

As I begin writing TODAY, I am experiencing total GRATITUDE and LOVE for ALL! I am CELEBRATING every CHOICE I have made, and which I am making is leading me to becoming an even fuller version of all that I am.  As a flock of geese fly over and sound, I am reminded that everything for which I am asking, I am receiving!  By keeping my POSITIVE thought process, I know that all things are working together for good!  The choices I am making are leading me to the best possible POSITIVE outcomes I deserve!  And, I am SHARING that with YOU! Opportunity comes to me each new day!  I am in the flow of ALL that is good!  I am creating experiences that bring me joy!  I am GRATEFUL!  Are YOU experiencing GRATITUDE TODAY?


Grateful For This Brand New Day

26 October 2015

© Kaylind Olson

I awakened TODAY in JOY on a Monday morning, after a day of rest. I became totally enveloped in the morning walk, listening in the SACRED SILENCE, taking pictures of the birds in nature at the lake, laughing at my little dog, Bo, and CELEBRATING the fullness of life while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT.  After the walk, in GRATITUDE, I also took a few extra minutes to enJOY the luxury of a long, hot shower.

Yet, after the walk, I feel a little disappointment this morning as I did not stick to my schedule. I realize that in taking the few extra minutes this morning, I did what was best for me.  However, in believing I am a responsible person, I was a little late for my Monday morning meeting.  I am GRATEFUL for the ability to create self-forgiveness.   In FORGIVENESS, I am reminded again, this is a BRAND NEW DAY!  So, here I am.  Yet again, TODAY, I am here.  I am GRATEFUL!

Each day is an opportunity to begin anew!   I take a long, hot shower as a luxury and I am GRATEFUL.   I discover I need rest to rejuvenate as the body heals, which encourages creativity, and I am GRATEFUL.  Through self-FORGIVENESS, I am becoming the best that I can be.  I am GRATEFUL for this BRAND NEW DAY!


Letting Go – Blessings in Love
19 October, 2015
(C) Kaylind Olson

Each morning, I enJOY a walk with the little dog, Bo, near the lake.  However, TODAY begins a little differently. TODAY, before the walk, I have driven my daughter, to the airport where the word “departure” is evident on the sign near the lane I am driving in, and on the side of the building. As I pull up to deliver my daughter, Breanna, who is expecting a baby boy this February, to the airport to catch her return flight to Hawaii, I am experiencing GRACE in the moments of remembering.

I have truly enJOYed my daughter’s presence here in the days we have been together.  We have FOCUSed on quality time, doing kind things for ourselves, having sweet one-on-one talks, and lovely meals together.

As I am driving her to the airport, I remind her, once again, how proud I am of her and how excited I am for her in becoming a mother. I tell her she will be a great one.

She has already chosen my grandson’s name, and shared its meaning.  Ben, the baby’s name, means “Blessed.” And he is.  He has a mother who is “beautiful and strong”.  She showed me beauty and strength this morning in her embrace and smile before she left to return to her home in Hawaii.

LETTING GO is not easy!  But in doing so, we show our true LOVE as we allow our CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN to blossom and become even more beautiful and strong.  Yes, the heart may feel broken for a while, but through this compassionate process, and yes, a few tears, we, ourselves become open to receiving even more BLESSINGS!

As I drive away-without looking back- and Oh, how I wanted to- I am given a new melody and a scripture.  See?  The blessings are already here!  I am GRATEFUL!

“Behold, I am with you, and will keep you, wherever you go, and will bring you again into this land. For I will not leave you, until I have done that which I have spoken of to you.”  Genesis 28:15

What BLESSINGS are YOU receiving TODAY?


                                                                                                           Choice, Construction, and Change
                                                                                                                         (C) 12 October 2015
                                                                                                                              Kaylind Olson

I am noticing everywhere I travel lately, there is construction.  Where I am staying (in a hotel right now), where I am walking (on the trail right now), and where I CHOOSE to drive right now, I am seeing so much change.

As I realize the amount of construction I am seeing wherever I am, I also understand my surroundings really relate to change in physical and spiritual being.

As I am in the Sacred Silence of prayer this morning, especially after yet another surgery,  I realize even more I am always under construction. 

I am the architect of my own life.  Although I am complete, I understand and value the fact that the work is never completed.  Surgery to remove carcinoma cells, is providing opportunity for my body to heal and become even stronger.  There is always room for improvement as I am becoming the best I can be in a very real POSITIVE way.

Just as roads, buildings, and even little park trails, are under construction to provide the best service, more comfort, and ease of travel, each decision I am CHOOSING, each stone I am adding to my personal foundation, with STANDARDS and PRINCIPLES, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, is moving me in the direction I desire.  Each time I am CHOOSING, I am FOCUSING with clarity on what I want to be in this life.  I am the best I can be right now!

Can you imagine the amount of construction that would be happening in our outer world if everyone could say this?  We ALL really are under construction!  The beautiful part is, we get to do the constructing!  This feels wonderful!  I love this life!  What are YOU CHOOSING to construct TODAY?


“This is my story.  This is my song.”

Kaylind Olson

07 October, 2015

I recently went through surgery that left 120 staples and a suture that curves around my head forming an arc in a reverse “C” fashion to allow stretching of the scalp so that the area where skin cancer had grown could be replaced with healthy cells, skin tissue, and new hair follicles.  The exposed area was five centimeters in diameter extending to the bone. I had a basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

I could focus on the cause (usually sun exposure at an early age) and remind people listening or reading to see a dermatologist.  But, I am choosing, TODAY, to FOCUS on my story.

In the past, I might have chosen to tell a different story, one with details and the first, next, and finally, or what happened.  Some might call this drama – where I could choose to go into the surgery story.

But, who I am TODAY, focuses on the bouncing back, the recovery, the POSITIVE.  Who I am TODAY, realizes every step I take, every journey I make, every test I take, is an opportunity in the PRECIOUS PRESENT that speaks of who I really am.  It takes cutting out the negative (sometimes in a real, physical fashion, other times in an emotional way) to FOCUS on the POSITIVE. So, here I am FOCUSING on the POSITIVE, realizing, truly, what so many great people in the history of our nation, NOW, and in the past,  have been and are TODAY!  I am a grandmother.  I am a light.  I am a trail blazer.  I am an “overcomer (I SHALL OVERCOME!).” I am a solution seeker.  I am an action taker.  I am an excitement builder.  I am a possibility forecaster!

And just like so many beautiful faith-filled people in this nation, under God, who choose to FOCUS on the POSITIVE, I am ringing with resilience!

If YOU have a positive message, I encourage YOU to share it!

In explanation of basal cell carcinoma, otherwise known as skin cancer, I encourage grandmothers to read and share this link with children and grandchildren:





Surgery Again?

 (C) Kaylind Olson

 30 September 2015

“Grammy had surgery again?” Emery asked, as Abbra, my daughter, walked her to the car.

  “Yes, it’s on her head this time though.”

(I had a sunspot removed that was larger than anticipated originally.)

Emery was remembering visiting me in the hospital just six months before after I had a hysterectomy.

As they got into the car to drive to the hospital, seven-year-old-tiny-sprite-of-a-girl, Emery, after thinking about her mom’s answer,

“Yes, it’s on her head this time, though”, asked,

“They didn’t have to mess with her brain did they?”

“No,” Abbra replied.

“Good ,” said Emery, “Brains are hard to replace.”

“I know,” said Abbra, “especially Grammy’s. Hers is unique.”

(Right now, I am not quite sure how to take this comment, because I believe, we are ALL unique.)

I really wasn’t expecting anyone to visit after the surgery.  It was after 6:30 in the evening and this was a surgery that wasn’t planned in advance.  My sister – God bless her – was able to be there for the surgery and she was sitting beside me in the room.

I hear a small knock.  The door opens.  There she is, standing in the LIGHT: Emery Ava (such a pretty thing).  I use these words in parentheses as a little song to describe her.  It is not in jest.  The term, “Pretty Thing” is taken from a song by LeAnn Rimes called “Pretty Things” that tells about how true beauty SHINES.  This fits Emery.  Anyway, there she is. Emery stands there with a clay pot of red and white flowers in her hands.  I see her and I smile:). She is my granddaughter.  (It takes a grandma to understand this-that each grandchild is unique in The PRECIOUS PRESENT.)  Her mother, my daughter, Abbra, stands straight with pride- right behind her.

The first words out of her excitedly-trying-to-be-quiet-mannered-mouth are, “Grammy, you look like an astronaut!”  I laugh!  I can actually see the analogy.  I have been on quite the journey over the last 48 hours and my head is wrapped in white bandages.  I do look like an astronaut!

She comes closer and looks a little concerned.  I tell her to remember who I am.  I remind her that challenges help us discover WE really CAN DO ANYTHING!  I also remind her of the last time we discussed this on her birthday just last month, and the song (YOU Can!) that has been written, copyrighted, and recorded, after this birthday conversation!

I tell her about the little tube she keeps looking at that is draining excess blood from my scalp to reduce swelling.  I cover it up as it seems to concern her.  I assure her once again, “I CAN DO ANYTHING and ‘YOU Can,’ too!” 

I talk with her about all the wonderful, CARING, and COMPASSIONATE people that are taking care of me and how GRATEFUL I am.  I thank her for thinking of me with the flowers and the little crocheted hat to cover the bald spots after the surgery.

She gives me an ever so gentle hug and kiss goodbye at the end of our visit, and I assure her all is well as she says, “I love you, Grammy.” I tell her, “I love you, too.”  I am GRATEFUL.  I LOVE this life!

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”  Psalms 91:11


Lighten Up

(c) Kaylind Olson

22 September 2015

Angels come in all forms.

As I sit here in The PRECIOUS PRESENT, I am fondly remembering a time previous to the flooding of my home on May 6, 2015.  As I sat on the porch on that day, I heard a new and different kind of bird call coming from the light pole above, near the corner of my yard.  I turned around and looked up to see what type of bird was making this sound.  Sitting on the light pole high above me,  in the space where I usually see a dove, was a mockingbird.  I listened to its voice and watched it for a short while.

As I continued to watch, the mockingbird did something spectacular!  When the breeze would gain momentum, it would spread its wings and rise, fluttering above it.  As the wind would settle, it would flow back down with wings spread, to rest on top of the light.  It was as if it was enJOYing the ride in the breeze!

I found myself, after a long day working as an educator, laughing and enJOYing this sight as it repeated before my eyes!  The undercarriage of its wings, with bright, bold, black and white stripes, was striking.  I had to get up, leave dinner on the porch, and join in the fun! I stepped out into the yard and took a few pictures of this mockingbird and its antics.

With this bird,  I was reminded of Grandma.  She loved to sing, “Mockingbird Hill,” a song that was written by George Vaughn Horton and sang by Patti Page and Burl Ives, among many others.  I actually found it strange the first time I heard someone else sing the song, because I had heard Grandma’s version first.  As I watched the mockingbird,  I could once again hear her laughing vibrato-enhanced voice, see her bubbling bright blue eyes, and her sincere smile with JOY attached.    Through watching the mockingbird perform, I was reminded on that day to “Lighten up. Don’t fight the winds of change.  Rise above.  Rest and enJOY!”  These words RING even more TRUE today! 


“Between the earth and sky above, nothing can match a grandmother’s love.”


In the Center of It All

© Kaylind Olson

16 September 2015

I love being in the center of early morning just before dawn in nature. As I walk this morning, I can smell the dampness of the beginning of fall and feel it on my skin. I feel the briskness of creation all around me. I am immediately drawn to a blue heron as it flies across the lake. It looks to be literally one foot above the water.  Two white cranes stand silent and still opposite me on the other side.

The sun begins to rise and as it does, two squirrels scamper toward tree trunks while they grasp between their front teeth what seem to be huge walnuts that are still encased in their green coverings.  I wonder how the squirrels can hold on to those nuts and climb up the bark of these trees.

I listen to the birds sing as I walk through a tree-lined area of the trail where they always seem to frequent.  I hear a new form of bird call today and as I take the time to listen to the new bird, it makes its clicking sound and flies from one tree to another.

I am excited to see creation in the form of a new type of bird, a heron, the cranes, and even a caterpillar. I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity to walk in such a magnificent array and tapestry of beauty “between the earth and sky.”  As I am leaving after two miles on a nature trail, the blue heron soars directly above as the sun crests over the trees! I am a grandmother. I look forward to sharing the value of this kind of experience with my grandchildren. I LOVE this life!

You Can!

© Kaylind Olson

09 September 2015

One of my favorite poems is “It Couldn’t Be Done*” by Edgar Albert Guest.   It is an encouraging poem that illustrates the foundation of my “I Can Do Anything!” philosophy.   We have such a large expanse of information available to us TODAY from everywhere – all around us. When we really listen and pay attention, we are never too old to learn NEW things! So, on those days when we feel we hit a road block, stumbling block, or a wall, WE really CAN go over it, around it, or through it. So many people in history have accomplished great feats by trying again, and to be able to try again WITH A SMILE AND A SONG, as Edgar Albert Guest suggests is even better!

I think of my grandmother and the pie we baked that slid across the floor as she was taking it out of the oven! What a lesson I learned about overcoming and laughing on that day in a few moments of transpiring time! She could have said, after leaning over that pie on the floor with an animated face, “I’m sorry, Kaylind, but we won’t be making any more pies when you come over.” But she didn’t. SHE LAUGHED! What a shining moment of a memory!

So I encourage you TODAY, if you are feeling like it cannot be done, read through this poem, and then, “go to it”, whether this means stepping away from whatever “it” is for a while, taking baby steps for a while, or getting that “Aha! Moment,” and going forward full force! “It” is ALL part of the process that provides the motion in the right direction. So, Go, Grandma! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE, and if you so choose, YOU CAN SING while you are at it!

* It Couldn’t Be Done by Edgar Albert Guest



25 August, 2015

© Kaylind Olson

Yesterday was my granddaughter Emery’s seventh birthday.  I had the opportunity to visit with her and share some special gifts I had prepared for her. After authoring the Interactive Guide for Creating a Gingerbread Castle, I wrote, as a follow up, an imaginary story about The Pink Princess Castle. I had ordered a copy to share the story with her first. She loves surprises, and I believe she was definitely surprised.  Her cousin Madison illustrated the story for the final version of the published book.

I picked her up and drove her to the book store. We looked for a while so that she could choose something she really wanted from the huge selection while I maneuvered back to the children’s section in the corner so that I could surprise her with the book. I had been carrying it behind my back, wherever I could so that she would not see it. I pulled it out and showed it to her as we approached an area where we could read it, a set with a little staged area and a chair for the story teller. I read her the story, explaining some of the vocabulary as the story progressed. She loved it! We walked around the store looking at other books while we took her picture with The Pink Princess Castle. Then, we purchased one of the new coloring books for adults with lots of delicate paisley patterns (she wanted it) and a family of four miniature toy cats with which she could pretend.

As we were in the car on our way to get her surprise birthday cake, I shared the new song I had written in conjunction with     The Pink Princess Castle. We talked about the message of The Pink Princess Castle and the message of the new song. I asked her if she understood the message for the book and new song. She said, “Grammy, you tell me THAT every time we are together. I can do anything!”  I said, “Good. I am glad you know.” She said, “I just have to BELIEVE.” I said, “Yes, you do.”

We sang the new song again together, discussed the title I have chosen for the song, and then talked about the word “BELIEVE” again. Emery wants to be a POP STAR. I tell her, “YOU can!”

We arrived to pick up the cake. I showed it to her after purchasing it. She was surprised. It had been created to look just like The Pink Princess Castle book cover. She loved it!

From there, we traveled to have lunch with my daughter, Abbra, and my grandson, Owen. We took pictures with the birthday cake, and Emery talked about what it is like to be seven and the tooth that she is about to lose. After blowing out her purple candle, we all eat cake. Emery, Owen, and Abbra all rode home together and waved HAPPILY as they left the parking lot.

In the evening, as I was looking at Facebook, I saw a picture of Emery that my daughter had posted. My daughter had written a message on Facebook that said, “She came home and put that outfit on (with the word “BELIEVE” on it)  and was dancing in front of the tv with her pink microphone…lol





Taking The Road Less Traveled

19 August, 2015

© Kaylind Olson

I awaken early this morning to the sound of gentle rain on the window.  The rain could have given me a reason to sleep in as it has so often in the past.  You know, just like one of those lazy days you might choose to stay on the couch and watch old black and white movies?

As I usually walk near the lake in the morning, I drive there anyway, thinking I will do some writing, listen to the rain, and enJOY the scenery. As I sit in the car for a few seconds after parking, I hear within, “How long has it been since you walked in the rain?”  I remember doing this as a child and loving it! I remember dancing in the rain with my granddaughter, and loving it!

I am grateful I got out of the car and made the choice to walk!  Not a single person is on the trail today as I walk!  Except for the birds, trees, and Mister Squirrel, Bo and I have the whole trail to ourselves!  It is wonderful!  The walk is invigorating!

How long has it been since YOU walked in the rain?  Remember those days as a child when we were not afraid to walk in the rain, when we experienced the pleasure of rain on the skin, when we could enJOY and appreciate the sights, smells, and sounds in nature associated with the rain?

I took the road less traveled today!  I am GRATEFUL I did!  How beautiful life is!  What an experience! The whole world is ours!  We CAN move mountains! I love this life!


Falling In Love With the Process

12 August 2015

© Kaylind Olson

Just as I am enJOYing this process of transition in life, this evolving after recent flooding that has led me to HIGHER GROUND in thought, and as I am learning to let go of things that no longer serve me,  the words written on the white board that greet me each morning as I walk through the door to workout, NOW read: “FALL IN LOVE with the PROCESS and the RESULTS will come.”

More change, but change is constant, and it is gentle right now.

My mind goes to, “Love is patient. Love is kind.”  Over the course of the last few months, I have learned to be patient with myself and appreciate each step I take to becoming the best I can be.  I have practiced being kind to myself, compassionately understanding that along with patience and kindness, abides love.  I stand here reflecting on these words a few more seconds as I realize what has transpired since early May, once again.

I have risen above.  I suddenly realize where I am RIGHT NOW in the PRECIOUS PRESENT.  I revel in this moment!  I walk over to begin the weight workout.  I SMILE!  I am a GRANDMOTHERI CAN DO ANYTHING I LOVE THIS LIFE!



Enjoying the Process

04 August 2015

© Kaylind Olson

      As I walk through the door to work out TODAY, these words are written for all to see on a dry erase board.  “Enjoy the process and the results will come!” Now I am sure most people here are thinking towards toned bodies, healthier hearts, and more vibrant versions of themselves in an aesthetic aspect.  However, my thoughts travel even further than the elliptical TODAY.  I normally take a walk near the lake with the little dog, Bo, while the trees, and the birds are ALL near, but TODAY there is rain.

I am really AMAZED at the love I have for the rain, even after the recent flooding I have been through.  Although the rain is what has brought me here TODAY, in a VERY REAL physical way to exercise, the rain has brought me HERE, where I am TODAY, in an even greater way,
as I EMBRACE this time of CHANGE:).

I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity this process of enJOYing is allowing.  I am GRATEFUL for FAITH, as I realize that even more blessings arrive with each NEW move I make, each NEW step I take, each NEW day I learn, each NEW story I write, each NEW song I compose, each NEW note I sing!  I am enJOYing the process TODAY as I look ever forward to POSITIVE results!  I am grateful.


A Day With Emmy
© Kaylind Olson

 19 July 2015

“I do NOT want to go home.  I want to stay here forever,” Emmy said as she sat in the back seat of my car.

Emmy and I had just spent what we thought were the best few hours of our lives this day at Martin Nature Center Park in Oklahoma City.  We began our hike with a picnic lunch packed on my back and a visit to the bathroom before we entered the Nature Center building.

Once inside the building, we were able to view an active bee colony, see creatures native to Oklahoma, like catfish, snapping turtles, tarantulas, and a bull and king snake.  There was a hands-on display where we could touch bird talons, deer antlers, and snake skin.  Then we got to look at all types of animal skeletons, like owl, rabbit, mouse, etc….  There was a display of night creatures, like coyotes, owls, and skunk, too.

After looking at all the interesting animal exhibits,  we went outside to find a cool place for lunch.  We found a huge tree trunk that had fallen over on its side and made this our picnic spot.  We were joined by a visiting goose who wanted to share our peanut butter sandwiches.  He liked Grammy’s sandwich best.  Emmy’s had strawberry jam on it.  He wasn’t thrilled over this.  We laughed at his peanut butter mouth!
We finished our lunch and ate a little of our trail mix.  Then we proceeded on the trail.  We found lots of great places near trees for pictures and took many photos near the water.  We even saw a group of turtles lined up in a row sun bathing on a tree trunk.

There was a lookout tower where we could look at the tree tops in the canopy blowing in the wind.  We decided we wouldn’t want to be a bird in these tall trees on a windy day.  We walked down the stairs and into the wooded area.  Emery decided we were walking into a kingdom.  In this kingdom she was able to create a home out of Nature’s trees, poke her feet in the water and traverse up tree trunks.

After this magical time, we walked a little further and sat on a bench beside the trail to eat more trail mix and drink some water.  We talked about how God is in all the animals, birds, and trees.  We watched as the tiniest bird flew really high and Emmy listened as I shared with her that God knows even when one of the tiniest birds falls.  I reminded her that if God is watching over this little bird, He is watching over Emmy, too.  Then we followed the bird near the water for more pictures.

Next, we traveled around the corner because we had heard news of a creek.  We discovered we could walk across the creek and have a great time keeping our balance with running water and slippery moss!  After a couple of near misses,  we returned to the bank to put on shoes and make the next trek of our hike.
On the return trip, Emmy identified all the places we’d been.  As we were approaching where we had seen the turtles previously, I looked in the trees near the water and saw a bright, red cardinal!  I took a picture quickly as I excitedly told Emmy about the Grandma blessing, the cardinal in the tree!  We looked for the cardinal a short while, but as quickly as it came, it went.

We returned to the beginning of the trail, made another stop at the bathroom, and walked toward the spot we had decided would be our last stop before returning home.  We had seen this place at the beginning of our hike and had decided to end our journey here!  A playground with really cool slides, a bee to ride on, some mushrooms standing in a row to jump from one place to another, and a very fun ride that Emmy held onto tightly with her hands as I hung on tightly to her!  She spun around in a circle while hanging onto the bar for as long as she could!  We laughed and others laughed at our laughter!

As we left the playground to return to the car, Emmy made a comment Grammy loved.

Emmy said, “We had a fun day with God.  Didn’t we Grammy?”
I said, “Yes, Emmy, we did.”


Grandma’s Special Soaps

03 May 2015

© Kaylind Olson

The idea of soap brings many thoughts.  Thoughts of songs like “A Little Bit of Soap”, “Splish-Splash I was Taking a Bath”,  “Rubber Ducky”, as well as thoughts of feeling clean, and Grandma’s special soaps in the little dish on the bathroom sink.  Although a good hot shower or a long refreshing bath with the “soap” of our choice can leave us feeling invigorated and ready to resume the day’s activities, or relaxed and ready for rest, creating glycerin soap with my granddaughter brought about different ideas.

While preparing our soap, Emery and I  had thoughts of science in mixing our ingredients, thoughts of beauty in experiencing and talking about the floral scents and the flowers that we chose to add to some of our soap, and thoughts of original creation as we discussed the ingredients that had to come together to make each individual  version.

In associating soap with the word “clean”, Emery thought of ways she helped keep things clean.  She remembered helping her mother pick up around the house and picking up bits of garbage or trash at the park where she plays.   As Emery smiled and placed gentle love and care in the tying of each ribbon on each bar of glycerin soap she packaged, we thought of the special person to whom we will give each little soap, and the joy we feel in doing so.

I am grateful.


A Grandma Vision
30 March 2015
© Kaylind Olson

I think of one specific moment in time with Grandma and I see a Norman Rockwell picture.  You know, one of the famous paintings that were once reprinted in Life magazine.  It is like a portrait in my mind.  Her hands are held to her cheeks in surprise, her mouth forms the perfect little “o”, her dark eyes are as large as saucers behind her glasses.  She is half bent over the showpiece pie we created together  – not the masterpiece sitting on a counter or a range being displayed, but the prized pie that is sliding across the kitchen floor!  In one second, (a slow motion reel in my mind) her little feet shuffle, and her eyes change from disbelief to shining laughter!  I have just witnessed the great pie sliding incident!   I no longer remember actually baking the pie, or the exact ingredients in it, but the vivid picture of her leaning in the direction of the sliding pie – which was followed by her inflected laughing voice – the voice she used each and every time she told this story brings light to the heart!  With this vision, I smile:).  Every time I saw or talked to Grandma on the phone,  throughout the next ninety years, there was always this lead in somewhere in conversation:  “Kaylind, I’ll never forget the time we baked that pie!”  And as we both laughed, I would reply with,

 “Neither will I, Grandma, neither will I.”

I, too, have enjoyed creating and baking with my granddaughters.  We have laughed together while baking cookies, pies, while a Valentine gingerbread house with Madison several years ago on a very snowy February day, and most recently, we laughed as Emery and I had fun CREATING A GINGERBREAD CASTLE.  You know, Grandma, could have been totally upset about that pie!  But, what a joy it was to remember over the course of the next ninety years, and yes, even yet today, the great pie sliding incident with laughter!   I am grateful.


Time At The Table

05 March 2015

(c) Kaylind Olson

It has been awhile since I spent time at the table with my grandmothers.

Yet, I can think of this precious time and memories bring joy and gratitude.

Both of my grandmothers taught me lessons while at the table:  lessons in love, lessons in music, lessons in laughter, lessons in sharing, lessons about life as they knew it, often not even said in words, but written in personal nuances that were read by me.

I could read the way my maternal grandmother’s eyes sparkled when she sang a song or yodeled, as I would sit around her kitchen table listening, waiting for my cue to begin singing in harmony to old gospel songs like “Peace in the Valley”, or silly, fun songs like “Sweet Violets”, “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”, or “You Are My Sunshine.”  Her smile always followed the sparkle.  I left Grandma’s house knowing I really was her sunshine.

I could read the way my paternal grandmother’s voice changed inflection when she called Grandpa to the table for dinner.  She began to naturally sound like some of those birds she fed!  And as I shared Grandma’s table to have dinner, I knew she, too, had prepared what I wanted.  I usually made a meal of fresh corn on the cob, as Grandma had her own garden, and there was nothing in the world like it to this young girl!  Most of the time, as Grandma was aware, the meat went to the dog under the table  –  after Grandpa left the room.

Although I could read my grandmothers very well, and at an early age, I did not understand with the scope I now do, how they must have totally enjoyed time spent with me at the table. 

Although time at the table is spent a little differently than my grandmothers would have done it, I experience joy in the time I spend with my granddaughters creating change, communicating possibility, planning, laughing, listening, learning, discussing, and sharing details we feel are important, like feeding the birds.

Experience how Emery and I recently spent our  time at the table in CREATING A BIRD FEEDER,

the second in the  Grandma’s Universe Interactive Guide series.

I am grateful.


A Grandma Visit

31 January 2015

(c) Kaylind Olson

Two years have passed since my granddaughter, Madison, came to visit on a November day.  On that day, I shared the story about Grandma and her love for the birds.  That day,  I took out the picture of Grandma Myrtle and her twin sister, Mary.  That  day,  I shared some funny stories about Grandma and the way she would stand at the door and call Grandpa to come in for dinner.   That day,  I shared the straight-out-of-the-oven-sliding-across-the-kitchen-floor-apple-pie-story and Grandma’s laughter as the pie slid across the linoleum all the way into the utility room!  That day,  I shared the way she smiled and laughed again after it had all happened,  as she shook her head and said, “Kaylind,” at my laughing!

Madison and I  have shared a beautiful granddaughter grandmother experience as well, especially since that day.

We have shared a connection with the past and a connection with the future, while living right here in the present.  I am grateful for the gift.  I am grateful for the granddaughter.

On that day,  two years ago, while standing together near the range, as I was cracking our early breakfast eggs and putting them in a bowl to whisk, we began the “egg” discussion.   You know, “Which was here first, the chicken or the egg?”

This question led to a story from my childhood and the opportunity I had to gather the eggs from Grandma’s hen house.  She loved all her little chickens and her roosters.  I was able to share about what it was like to gather eggs after the chickens lay  them.  Madison found this story fascinating and lit up with interest.  In the course of the story, I also shared my experience of what it was like to be flogged by a rooster at Grandma’s when I was young and how Grandma came running to my rescue.

On that morning,  as we sat down for breakfast, we talked about Madison’s involvement in school activities and how she was learning  to “bow” the B string on her viola.  We shared more pictures of my Grandma Myrtle and her family.

I also told Madison about THIS Grandma’s love for the birds.

That day in November began a journey in time.  Although the journey did not really begin THAT day.  I could say the journey began the day I first held Madison in my arms.  Grandma might say the journey began the day she met me.  I might even say the journey began the day Grandma came into the world.  So, which was here first?  The grandmother or the granddaughter?

With this thought, and the help of my granddaughters, Madison and Emery, I am beginning the first of many Grandma’s Universe Interactive Guide books with CREATING A TIME CAPSULE.  

Grandma’s Universe and its experiences never end.

I am grateful.



The Heart of Christmas

27 December, 2014

© Kaylind Olson


On Christmas evening, December 25, 2014, I had plans to bake cookies with my granddaughter, Emery.  But even more than this, my plan really included another purpose – to share joy in the moment- a surprise gift.

 I knocked at the door with my cookie ingredients in a Christmas bag.  I was greeted with exuberance by my grandson Owen!  I always am.  He is a lively little two-year-old fellow.  Then, Emery came running into the living room with her “Grammy” greeting.  I took them both up and held them, giving them some special attention and hugs.  We had already shared presents previously, but as I said, I had another gift to share.  I wanted to read my newest book, The Singing Tree , to Emery, on this day, with an additional surprise.

I held Emery on my lap and took out the new book, The Singing Tree. I shared with her that, “This is no ordinary book.  You know it was written by Grammy and your cousin, Madison, illustrated it.  It really tells the story of the times I would go to my grandma’s house and we would sing all kinds of songs.”  She began perusing the pictures that Madison had drawn.  Then, I began to read it to her.  She liked it.  She was smiling.  I read it two times, actually.  Then she read it to me, or repeated her version of the story with a rhyme.  After we had read it a few times, I told her I had another surprise for her (my addition to the gift).  Emery loves surprises.  I had the secret inside my purse and carried it into Emery’s room.   I had created a cd of “The Singing Tree Song” to go along with the book.

 I told Emmy what I had done as I pulled the cd out of my purse.  She was excited and immediately placed the song in her little cd player.  We sat in the chair next to one another as the music began to play.   She looked at the pictures, turning each page as the cd with my voice sang the words.  She began to sing along.  We began to sing with each other.  We began to look at each other!  We began to share the joy!  This was my purpose – the gift I gave, I also received – the best three minutes of time I can remember spending on a Christmas night.  Christmas in my heart happened again right then.  And it happened without bows, without packages … between a granddaughter and a grandmother.  This is the Christ in Christmas, the spirit of giving.  Let us celebrate all year.

After that, who needs cookies?



My First Critique

13 July 2014

© Kaylind Olson

“Yes,” I was told over the phone.  “A package is here from CreateSpace.”  I said, “Thank you.  I will be right over.”  I grabbed my little dog, Bo, and we headed for the post office.  I know the smile on my face lasted the entire fifteen-minute drive.

I walked in, picked up my package – the smile was still there – then bee-lined back to the car to open my book.  I cried like a baby.  I thanked God.  I asked my grandmothers what they thought.   Although they are not here in physical form as they once were, they are a big part of me in Spirit.  I knew they were happy, too.   I texted each child, and my eldest granddaughter, Madison, with the good news!  This was Thursday.

After all this excitement, while still sitting in the car, I looked down once more at the book. I could see some changes I needed to make, but I felt so excited to be holding it in my hands!   I would make a plan to discuss and look at the book soon with one of my number one fans, my six-year-old granddaughter, Emery.

So, on Sunday afternoon, on what felt like the hottest day of the year, we sat at a little table in The Red Cup, a restaurant serving sandwiches, smoothies, and iced coffee.  While sitting at the table, I had my daughter, Abbra, who is a wonderful mother, give me feedback on the book first.  She said, “Mom, the books I buy are usually educational.”   Realizing Abbra takes Emery to the library to choose books,  I could understand this statement.  “Yeah, Mom thinks I might be bored if I’m not learning something,”  Emery said.

My idea had been to write this book to show the unique characteristics each of us possesses.  You know, love and acceptance, which instills that we are each loved for whom we are, and that we are happiest when we love ourselves.    Simple and sweet and fun, and very much needed.

This transpiration of conversation led me to exactly what I had in mind when beginning my idea for the book.  I wondered what had happened to the joy of sitting and sharing a book for the fun of it, the communication process, and learning how to read.  Isn’t that learning?  Facts and learning have their place.  Do not get me wrong.  I should know.  I am an educator.

But, after a few seconds of thought, Emery, my soon to be SIX-year-old granddaughter, who was sitting beside me at the table, said, “Mom, Grammy wrote it.  I like it.  Here, Grammy.  I will tell you the truth.”  She took the book and held it in her hands.   She focused on each page, looking at each detail in the illustrations and telling me which ones were great and which ones she thought should be changed.  She also made note of some enrichments she thought I needed to add.  Emery will be in kindergarten this year and is really reading quite well.

After looking at the details, with Emery beside me, we proceeded to read the book together.    I helped her with sounds of the letters, and the harder words, but she was able to read and remember words presented in  the rhyming lines.  Repetition of the words really helped.  It was sweet to share this moment together.

As the three of us were getting ready to leave the table, Emery walked around while people were eating, and shared the cover.  She exaggeratingly and dramatically read the title over and over and held the book out at arms’ reach for emphasis.  She was proud of the book that Grammy had written.

On our way out of the restaurant, as Abbra and I stood at the counter to get refills on iced coffee before leaving, Emery said, “Hey, Grammy…Do you know what ELSE I can read?”  I said, “What, Emmy?”  With a big grin on her face, and once again the book held high for emphasis so everyone could see and hear, she read the cover of the book.   “God Made You, YOU!  by KAY OLSON.  See? It says, Kay Olson.”

Yep.  My heart melted. And Yes, I am still smiling.

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